Tips for a successful workflow

  1. Get orders
  2. Bonus for our new authors
  3. Collaboration between clients and authors
  4. communication Tips
  5. eke out
  6. Avoid delays
  7. Delivery of important orders
  8. Author exchange
  9. Extended revision service
  10. Get orders

How to make requests for orders:

  • Log in to your personal page.
  • Go to “Available orders”.
  • Select the jobs that you want to edit and click on the “Request order” button.
  • Indicate in a comment why this order should be assigned to you.

As a new author order received:

  • Ask for smaller jobs (less than 5 pages) to prove your academic writing skills.
  • Keep your phone with you, because after assigning an urgent order (from 3 to 48 hours) our new authors will be asked to confirm that they have received it.
  • Please make a proper request and make sure that you have commented in your comments on how to handle the subject of the order.

NB: Please request only those orders in which you are sure. Check all instructions carefully before the request.

Assigning orders to preferred authors:

Our clients have the opportunity to select preferred authors for their tasks. If you become a favorite author:

  • If you agree with the order, do not forget to press the “Accept” button. Otherwise, the order will be available within 9-24 hours;
  • If you believe you can not complete the order, click the Reject button and insert a disapproval comment. If the order is urgent (3-48 hours), send a request for a reassignment.

Bonus for our new authors

Conscientious and knowledgeable staff is a key to success for any business. We not only promote the constant development of our experienced authors, but also those who have recently applied to us. We support their efforts with new enticing bonuses.

So, one of the good things we can offer our new authors is the possibility to take a university assignment without the permission of the administrator.

To enjoy this benefit, an author should have:

  • up to 4 completed orders
  • no running orders
  • Verified phone number
  • No fines, refunded orders, last minute cancellations, warnings or plagiarism

Responsible and talented experts like you deserve more freedom of action in our company.

It works the following way: For some orders, your custom “Request” button is replaced with “Get order”. Click to get the order!

eke out

A deadline is one of the most important aspects of every order. Before you accept an order, you need to check its urgency. It is necessary that you divide your working hours correctly and are able to secure punctual deliveries. Our customers set deadlines because they need their work in good time.

Avoid delays

First, you need to think about your schedule and analyze your own ability to handle the order. Second, you should compare the order with the work that you did before. If the deadline is too tight or there is not enough information to complete the order, please inform the support team.

Arrange all necessary with the customer in advance, but not at the end of a period. If there is any problem with the order, contact administrator without delay. Do not hold the order while the deadline expires.

Delivery of important orders

Please pay special attention to important orders you receive. Mainly there are dissertations, works with over 20 pages and first-class orders. Once you have received such an order, you must keep the customer up to date and follow all instructions correctly.

Orders that are 20 or more pages long will require a few draft versions because the client needs to review the exchange of ideas set out in the paper and tell you if something is wrong. So, please do not forget that. A draft version is necessary for the customer as proof of work progress. Our clients are prohibited from using a draft version as a stand-alone work.

Author exchange

As mentioned above, if you have been assigned a job but then realize that you can not complete it for serious reasons, you need to contact us as soon as possible so we could hire another author. If you get into a deliberate delay, there is a possibility that you will be punished for it. In the event that you withdraw from an urgent order, you will automatically receive a last minute termination stamp.

Extended revision service

As we are a constantly developing company, we are glad to introduce our new revision service. The main purpose of the service is to give our customers a possibility to prolong the rework of the work. From now on, you have a chance to get extra amounts of orders. For you to get the convenient service, we have changed our website a bit. When you search through the list of available jobs, you will find a new icon that indicates a revision extension for a particular job. Hover the mouse over the icon to see the exact time frame of the extension via a pop-up icon. In the order form, a customer has several options for extending a standard review period (ie two weeks for the orders of up to 20 pages and 4 weeks for the larger ones):

  • + 2 weeks
  • + 4 weeks
  • + 6 weeks

When you execute orders with extended revision time, you receive additional payments, which depend on the work price and revision time. You see the additional sum in the order description and in the list of available orders. With the order acceptance you will also receive an e-mail with detailed information.

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